LEADTalk and Job Fair


AIESEC in Universitas Indonesia proudly present our annual prestigious event:

LEADTalk and Job Fair AIESEC in Universitas Indonesia 2016

Our grand theme this year is “Empowering young leaders to pursuit a professional career through

education and envision of their future by embracing their true potential in the reality of work


Our aim is to help you find your true potential, expand your connection, and to give you a picture about

career by giving you educations through our four-day experiences. This event will be divided into three

sessions which consist of:

• Talk Show

21st – 22nd November 2016

09.00 – 11.00

at Auditorium Faculty of Psychology Universitas Indonesia, Depok.

With some inspirational Speakers:

1. Edy Widjaja, Principal at Bain and Company

2. Rizwan Rizal Abidin, Director of Mergers and Acquisition at CIMB Securities

3. Edwin Utama, Partner and Managing Director at the Boston Consulting Group

4. Triono Soedirdjo, Partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers Advisory Indonesia

5. Philia Wibowo, Partner at McKinsey Indonesia*

6. Rizal Gozali, President  Director at Credit Suisse*

• Workshop

21st – 22nd November 2016

11.30 – 15.00

at Auditorium Faculty of Psychology Universitas Indonesia, Depok.

• Job Fair

23rd – 24th November 2016

08.00 – 17.00 WIB

at Balairung Universitas Indonesia

We offer you all these experiences with some optional packages:

1. Talk Show (2 days): IDR 50.000

2. Workshop (2 days): IDR 75.000

3. Talk Show + Workshop (2 days): IDR 100.000

4. Job Fair (1 day): IDR 30.000

5. All in: IDR 125.000

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